Aftermarket Seatbelt Webbing

Louis A. Green Corp. contracts directly with leading automotive seat belt weaving mills to maintain a large inventory of surplus seat belt.

Industry Standard Polyester Seat belt: Black, Gray, Tan: various panel constructions.

Seat belt is woven for the automotive industry with a tensile strength of 6,000 lbs. Our stock is uncertified “surplus” seat belt which varied from certain inspection criteria such as aesthetic variations in color, or in physical properties such as elongation, width tolerance, or weaving specifications.

We can provide in-house tensile testing of both raw material and finished straps.

Seatbelt is woven to international standard widths and is 46 – 49 mm wide; most is 47 mm (1.85 inches). Seatbelt is often described as “two inch,” but is actually not woven to that width (50.4 mm). Being surplus material, this webbing will not carry its original certification. It may not be used, nor is it recommended for any safety application.

Upon arrival of a shipment of seatbelt at Louis A. Green Corp.’s manufacturing facility, it is first sorted by color into black, grey, tan and “other colors”, then by “grade” (the number of splices per full roll, full rolls usually being 200 meters long). Price per yard is primarily a function of volume purchased. It also varies based on roll size, color, grade and “panel” (panel is the number of woven-in bands or stripes of a different texture, ranging in number from 0 to 7).
Any re-rolling into custom length rolls is an extra charge.
We will work with you to provide the most efficient and price-competitive supply program.  Examples:
Single, 100-yard rolls and     small quantity purchases.  100-yard rolls are packaged up to five rolls in a shipping carton. Rolls weigh approximately 12 lbs. 5-roll cartons weigh approximately 62 lbs. and can be shipped easily by UPS. 
Simple cut lengths and cut lengths processed with additional shop labor for hole drilling or sewn loops.  We will be happy to quote on your specific strap and webbing needs. Computer-controlled hot cutters with variable angle blades can produce cut pieces to your specifications. Our shop is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for fabricating industrial straps
Full pallets of
mill standard rolls.
Mill shipments usually include 80 production rolls on a pallet (four stacks of 20 rolls each). Rolls are usually 200 meters long. This yields 16,000 meters or 17,600 yards per pallet. Pallets are sorted by color and grade.
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