An Essential Structural Component for Grand Format Vinyl Signage

Banners, Billboards, Signs, Building Wraps

CambridgeThe new generation of wide-format banners and vinyl signs are beautiful, impressive, entertaining, and powerful tools of communication. Outdoor signs or banners must be strong enough to withstand wind and structural forces: Mesh sign and banner fabric material is an inherently weaker fabric and needs more edge reinforcement. Solid vinyl fabric is a stronger material but is still not strong enough to support the loads carried by a grommet installed in a single layer of fabric, or in a folded-edge. Cutting “smiles” in fabric only reduces wind forces on the sign or banner by 10%.  Both mesh fabric and solid vinyl fabric signs and banners should be reinforced with the appropriate Weldable Webbing product.


In cases when reinforcement is needed, PVC Coated Weldable Webbing offers superior strength and increased design flexibility.


Light-Use, Long-Lifespan Signs and Banners:  For signs and banners that will be folded or rolled, then stored, and then hung again many times, Weldable Webbing reinforcement is more durable than a doubled-over edge. The application of Weldable Webbing to reinforce sign or banner edges is a definite selling point to add value to your product and better serve your customers.

Light-Use, Short-Lifespan Signs and Banners:  Weldable Webbing saves the trouble of sewing. Trim to edge on the rear of the banner (no need to fold webbing or printed material) and simply weld 1″ or 2″ Weldable Webbing across the top and bottom of your sign or banner. To prevent curling of the ends of the banner or sign, weld a strip of Weldable Webbing on each end. Weldable Webbing produces a better hem for grommet durability. “Premium edging” with Weldable Webbing offers a great markup on a material that costs pennies per yard while providing a far superior finished product for your customer.

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