Weldable Webbing™ adds strength and quality to all banners and signs. It improves the reliability of grommets.  The correct Weldable Webbing™, properly applied, can nearly eliminate the biggest cause of grommet failure: material stretch under tension and wind-induced “jerk-loading”.

Build a Better Banner!


This giant banner has been installed opposite the TD BankNorth Garden in Boston for years. It is bolted to the brick wall with concrete anchors and washers that are installed through the Weldable Webbing™ that reinforces the banner.

Install the banners you print with complete confidence: The use of Weldable Webbing™ lets you strengthen your vinyl fabric creations where needed.

Construction Applications:
Trim to Edge: Add a frame of Weldable Webbing™ to reinforce the edge and for better grommet retention. This method is many times stronger than simply folding over the banner fabric.

Pocket Seam Reinforcement: Apply Weldable Webbing™ over the seam where webbing is folded onto itself for a stronger pocket. Apply a length of webbing at ends of pockets to reinforce them.

Radiated Grommet Reinforcements: Weld short lengths of Weldable Webbing™ in a radial, fan shaped configuration over edge webbing to take up additional load at corners and all grommet points.

Structural Members: Apply Weldable Webbing™ across the full length and width of the fabric, and at the seams of a heavy or highly stressed sign or banner. Apply grommets at the end of each Weldable Webbing™ span and secure the banner or sign by the grommets. The load on the sign is thus born entirely by the webbing.

This is a short video of webbing being welded onto a banner using a small shop welder to quickly finish three sides of a mesh banner. There is no narration, just machine noise, so turn your sound down.

What you will see is: first, a pole pocket fold and then three sides getting webbing. Note that at one point, the webbing gets off line along the edge so the operators remove it, flip it over, and apply it again. The key technique to note here is how the operators first anchor a short tail of webbing and then run the welder away from the anchor point.

* PVC coated Weldable Webbing™ performs equally well with high frequency, hot-air, and wedge welding. We will be happy to refer inquiries to manufacturers of equipment of various welding methods if you desire more information. Note that for smaller banners and signs you can also install the lighter weights of this webbing with an appropriate vinyl cement. Call  800-225-3577 with technical questions.


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