PVC Coated Weldable Webbing for Truck Tarps & Curtainside Truck Trailers

Curtainside Trailers

In stock, ready for shipment:
47mm., 2900 lb tensile:

CW1281WH2 (white)
CW1281GY2 (grey)
CW1281BK2 (black)

This is the exact webbing, produced in England, that is used by the leading curtainside manufacturers all over Europe. Call us for special factory pricing.

Tarps & Covers

Three strengths and width options

CW7007BK2 – 5200 lb tensile, 47mm wide
CW1281BK2 – 2900 lb. tensile, 47mm wide
CW1281BK25 – 1400 lb tensile, 25mm wide

Welding saves time and makes stronger tarps.

Call us to discuss your applications. We will be happy to send out samples for your R&D work.

Other Products for the Trucking Industry

*Cover & Tarp Reinforcements
Aftermarket Seatbelt Webbing
Many practical applications for tarps and covers:
-Cut pieces for grommet reinforcements.
Custom strap components.
Purchase seatbelt in rolls.

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